RESPIYR Herbal Anti Dandruff Shampoo

It Is A First Shampoo With Natural Herbal Anti Dandruff Active With Clinically Proven Results. It Has No Added Parabens And Have Clinically Proven & Natural Herbal Actives. Shampoo Made For All Types Of Hair, Scalp Especially For Dry & Itchy Scalp. It Is Free From Classical Chemical Anti Dandruff Agents Like Zpto, Climbazole Etc …

Packaging Sizes : 200 ml



  • It Is A First Shampoo With Natural Herbal Anti Dandruff Active With Clinically Proven Results.
  • It Has No Added Parabens And Have Clinically Proven & Natural Herbal Actives.
  • Shampoo Made For All Types Of Hair, Scalp Especially For Dry & Itchy Scalp.
  • It Is Free From Classical Chemical Anti Dandruff Agents Like Zpto, Climbazole Etc Thus Totally Safe & Free From Any Side Effects Like Itching, Allergy On Scalp.
  • It Works On The Scalp Right From Very First Day Of Use, Making The Scalp To Look Healthy, Strong & Flake Free After Each Application.
  • Contains Natural Rosebay Extract Which Stimulate Hair Roots, Helps To Prevent Premature Graying & Dandruff.
  • Contains Aloevera Which Provides Softness Moisturizes The Scalp Skin And Provide Soft, Smooth Shiny Hair.
  • Neem Extracts Provide Antibacterial Affect, Remove Any Inflammation Thus Provides Healthy & Smooth Scalp.


  • Product Type : Hair Shampoo
  • Product Form : Pearly Viscous Liquid
  • Color : Dark Yellow
  • Suitable For : All Men & Women
  • Hair Type : All Types Of Hair
  • Age Group : All

Making A Finest Anti-Dandruff Shampoo For Regular Use