RESPIYR Aloevera Mild Shampoo

It Is Very Soft To Hair. It Makes Hair Soft And Shiny After Each Application. It Contains Pure Aloevera Extracts Which Moisturizes & Nourishes The Scalp Deeply. It Contains Special Actives To Control Dandruff. It Accelerates The Growth Of Hair To Become Long & Strong Early. Making The Best Mild Hair Shampoo For Daily Use

Packaging Sizes : 125 ml



  • It Is Very Soft To Hair.
  • It Makes Hair Soft And Shiny After Each Application.
  • It Contains Pure Aloevera Extracts Which Moisturizes Nourishes The Scalp Deeply.
  • It Contains Special Actives To Control Dandruff.
  • It Accelerates The Growth Of Hair To Become Long & Strong Early.


  • Product Type : Hair Shampoo
  • Product Form : Viscous Liquid
  • Color : Light Green
  • Suitable For : All Men & Women
  • Hair Type : All Types Of Hair
  • Age Group : All

Making The Best Mild Hair Shampoo For Daily Use