HOME SAVER Yellow Lime Air Freshner

Exclusively Formulated Air Freshener Created With Fresh Fragrance Active Which Helps All Home, Office & Any Institutions Living Areas, Working Areas, Sitting Areas, Bedrooms, Bathrooms, Toilets To Be Free From Any Bad Odor Or Dirty Smell. Incorporated With Specially Designed Long Lasting Fragrance Active Helps The Air Freshener To Stay In The Applied Area Effectively For Many Hours As Compared To Others.

Packaging Sizes : 200 ml



  • Exclusively Formulated Air Freshener Created With Fresh Fragrance Active Which Helps All Home, Office & Any Institutions Living Areas, Working Areas, Sitting Areas, Bedrooms, Bathrooms, Toilets To Be Free From Any Bad Odor Or Dirty Smell.
  •  Air Freshener Removes All Types Of Bad Odor Like Foul Smell, Stinking Smell, Dampness Smell, Food Burnt While Cooking Or Any Unpleasant Odor Created By Any Means.
  •  Incorporated With Specially Designed Long Lasting Fragrance Active Helps The Air Freshener To Stay In The Applied Area Effectively For Many Hours As Compared To Others.
  •  Exclusively No Gas Formula Makes The Air Freshener Safe For All Areas Of Any Place & Continue Use For Longer Duration Of Time.
  •  Unique Irritation Free Formula Makes The Air Freshener Safe For Smell Safe In Touch With Your Hand, Skin & Eyes.
  •  Its Quickly Spreading Properties Helps Air Freshener To Cover All Corners Of Room Or Larger Area Easily & Very Quickly As Compared To Others.
  •  Incorporated With Antibacterial & Antimicrobial Active Kills 99% Germs & Bacteria’s Present In Air Of Any Applied Room Or Area.


  • Product Type- Air Freshener
  • Product Form- Liquid
  • Colour- Yellow
  • Uses- For Removing Any Bad Odor Like Foul Smell, Dirty Smell Etc.
  • Suitable For- All Areas Like Living, Sitting, Dining, Lobby, Bathroom, Toilets In Home, Office & Any Institutions.
  • Packaging Sizes- 200 ml

Making A Exclusively Designed Unique Irritation Free Yellow Lime Air Freshener For All Area In Home, Offices & Any Institutions