HOME SAVER Shining Glass Cleaner (Inst.)

Specialized Unique Glass Cleaner Created To Take Care & Clean All Household Office & Institutional Items Like Plastics, Glasses, Metals, Wooden Furniture & Electronic Appliances Like T.V., Refrigerator Microwave Etc. A Specialized Unique Streak Free Formula With Its Special Actives, Hence Safe For All Items & For Your Hands. Creates A Protective Coating To Prevent Hard Water Spotting On All Applied Items.

Packaging Sizes : 4 Litre



  •  Specialized Unique Glass Cleaner Created To Take Care Clean All Household Office & Institutional Items Like Plastics, Glasses, Metals, Wooden Furniture & Electronic Appliances Like T.V., Refrigerator Microwave Etc.
  •  A Specialized Unique Streak Free Formula With Its Special Actives, Hence Safe For All Items & For Your Hands.
  •  Incorporated With Special Unique Shining Active Retains Natural Colour & Enhance Glossiness Immediately And Delivers Long Lasting Streak Free Finish & Shine To All Items Applied.
  •  Creates A Protective Coating To Prevent Hard Water Spotting On All Applied Items.
  •  Its Quickly Cleaning Lifting Properties Helps Dirt Oil, All Types Of Toughest Stains Grease Adhesives Etc To Remove Easily & Very Quickly.
  •  Contains Antibacterial & Antimicrobial Active Which Kills 99% Germs & Bacteria’s On All Items Surfaces.
  •  Immediately Prevent Bad Odor & Provides Fresh Long Lasting Fragrance To All Applied Items For Longer Duration Of Time.


  • Product Type- Cleaning Liquid
  • Product Form-  Transparent Liquid
  • Colour- Light Green
  • Uses-  For Cleaning Of Glasses, Plastics, Metals, Wooden Furniture, Electronic Appliances Etc.
  • Suitable For- All Types Of Household, Office & Institutional Items.
  • Packaging Sizes- 200 ml, 4 Litre

Making Specialized Unique Streak Free Shining Glass Cleaner For All Items In Home, Office & Other Institutions.