HOME SAVER Complete Laundry Detergent

It Is The First Product In This Category, Which Provides Only Single Product For Different Kind Of Need For Clothes Washing. Made To Use For All Types Of Clothes & Does Not Require Any Other Product Addition Like Fabric Softener, Stain Remover, Anti Bacterial Liquid, Whitener. It Is A Mild Specialized Water Saving Formula, Thus …

Packaging Sizes : 800 ml



  • It Is The First Product In This Category, Which Provides Only Single Product For Different Kind Of Need For Clothes Washing.
  • Made To Use For All Types Of Clothes & Does Not Require Any Other Product Addition Like Fabric Softener, Stain Remover, Anti Bacterial Liquid, Whitener.
  • It Is A Mild Specialized Water Saving Formula, Thus Safe For Hands All Types Of Clothes.
  • It Is Incorporated With Fabric Conditioner, Which Makes Clothes Soften.
  • It Has Neem Extracts & Other Anti Bacterial, Anti Microbial Active Which Kills 99% Germs & Bacteria’s On Clothes.
  • It Has Special Brightener Which Brightens All Clothes, Specially White Clothes.
  • It Has Special Actives To Retain Natural Colour Of Clothes & Make As New.
  • It Quickly Removes Dirt, Any Type Of Stains Like Ink, Oil, Grease Etc By Its Powerful Unique Cleaning Active & Action.
  • It Also Removes Bad Odor And Provide Long Time Fresh Fragrance To All Clothes.


  • Product Type : Detergent
  • Product Form : Viscous Liquid
  • Color : Purple
  • Uses : For Washing Clothes (Both Bucket Wash & Machine Wash)
  • Suitable For : All Types Of Clothes
  • Age Group : All

Thus Making A Powerful Complete Laundry Detergent For All Types Of Clothes.