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Its A Only Single Product Solution In The Market To Use This Product For All Types Of Toilet Bowls, Urinals, Wash Basins & Any Ceramic Items For Cleaning & Care. It Is A Thick Gel Concentrate Which Makes A Gel Layer On The Surface And Stick More Than Other Toilet Cleaners Present In Market. It`s …

Packaging Sizes : 400 ml



  • Its A Only Single Product Solution In The Market To Use This Product For All Types Of Toilet Bowls, Urinals, Wash Basins & Any Ceramic Items For Cleaning & Care.
  • It Is A Thick Gel Concentrate Which Makes A Gel Layer On The Surface And Stick More Than Other Toilet Cleaners Present In Market.
  • It`s Advance Power Works On Toughest Stains Like Yellow Stains, Water Scaling Stains, Lime Scales Etc To Dissolve Clean The Surface Quickly Better Than Others.
  • Is A Specialized Powerful Unique Formula With Its Special Actives, Thus Safe For All Items & Specially For Your Hands. (Can Be Used With Or Without Hand Gloves)
  • It Has Anti Bacterial, Anti Microbial Active Which Kills 99% Germs Bacteria’s On All Items Surfaces.
  • It Has Special Unique Actives Which Retain Natural Colour & Provide Glossiness To All Items Applied With Minimum Use Of Water.
  • Its Quickly Cleaning & Lifting Properties Helps Dirt, Oil, Ink Stains & Other Stains, Grease Etc To Remove Easily & Effectively.
  • It Removes Bad Odor & Provide Fresh Lavender Fragrance To All Items For Long Period.


  • Product Type : Cleaning Gel
  • Product Form : Viscous Liquid
  • Color : Dark Blue
  • Uses : For Cleaning All Toilets, Urinals, Washbasins Etc
  • Suitable For : All Ceramics & Glassware
  • Age Group : Above 16 years (As Contains Acid)

Making A Strong Complete Advance Toilet Cleaner Gel For

All Toilet Bowls, Ceramics & Wash Basins