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DENAJEE Neem Facial Massage Cream With Cooling Crystals

 Product Description 

  • Contains Natural Neem Extract, Kokum Butter & Vitamin E Which Makes The Cream Useful For All Skin Types.
  •  It Improves Blood Circulation & Cure Skin Problems With Its Cooling Action
  • By Antibacterial & Antifungal Properties Of Neem, It Cures Skin Diseases & Infections Deeply. 
  • It Makes Protective Layer On The Skin Which Prevents Wrinkles, Dryness Of Skin.
  • It Moisturizes The Skin Deeply Gives Rich Soft Feeling.

 Product Specification

  • Product  Type - Facial Massage Cream
  • Product Form -  Cream
  • Suitable For-   All Men & Women
  • Skin Type-  All Types Of Skin
  • Age Group-  All
  • Packaging Sizes- 150 gm

DENAJEE Neem Facial Massage Cream With Cooling Crystals

In the world of Ayurveda, Neem is the most used herb that has endless benefits to offer. From healing, health disorders to taking care of your skin, it’ll do everything without leaving any side effects. Denajee Health Care Products is the most prominent Neem Massage Cream Manufacturers that have a wide range of Ayurvedic creams that do wonders for your skin. This cream also has cooling crystals that have soothing and refreshing effects on your skin.

These contain Neem, Kokum butter and Vitamin E, which make it ideal for all types of skins. These are ideal to remove blackheads, whiteheads, pimples or blemishes on the skin. It’ll nourish it for a longer period and keep it cool in the summers.

Here Are A Few Reasons Why You Should Opt For Denajee Neem Massage Cream:

  • Hydrated your skin and protect it from any harmful effects of dirt and dust.
  • It is ideal for oily skin.
  • Loaded with nutrients and have anti-ageing properties.
  • Give protection from the sun damage.
  • It’ll condition dry skin.
  • It’ll reduce skin pigmentation.
  • Safe to use and free from any side effects.
  • Massaging with this cream will improve blood circulation that keeps you away from skin problems.
  • Prevent wrinkles and cure skin diseases and infections deeply.

Why Should You Buy It Now?

It has all the benefits your skin required, thus, you should give it a try. Being the Best Neem Massage Cream Suppliers and Exporters from India, we bring the pure quality to your doorway, so, it can improve the texture of your skin and nourishes it like never before. Place your order now for Neem Facial Massage Cream With Cooling Crystals, to prevent yourself from a number of environmental effects. Call us now or leave your enquiry on the website.