DENAJEE Moisturizing Fruit Handwash (Inst.)

Soap Free Herbal Formulated & Can Be Used For All Types Of Skin. A Mild, Moisturization Designed Formula For Safety Of Your Hand Skin. Requires Minimum Amount Of Water To Clean Hands, Thus Saves Water. Quickly Removes Dirt, Oil, Ink Stains, & Other Stains, Grease Etc Easily By Its Quick Cleaning Action. Contains Glycerin Which …

Packaging Sizes : 4 litre



  • Soap Free Herbal Formulated & Can Be Used For All Types Of Skin.
  •  A Mild, Moisturization Designed Formula For Safety Of Your Hand Skin.
  •  Requires Minimum Amount Of Water To Clean Hands, Thus Saves Water.
  •  Quickly Removes Dirt, Oil, Ink Stains, & Other Stains, Grease Etc Easily By Its Quick Cleaning Action.
  •  Contains Glycerin Which Acts As Humectant, Moisturizes The Skin Deeply & Delivers A Rich Smooth Feeling.
  •  Contains Neem Which Has Antibacterial & Antifungal Properties Which Reduces Skin Infection, Kills Bacteria Etc & Make Hand Skin Germ Free.
  •  Easily Removes Bad Odor & Provide Long Time Fresh Fragrance To Hand Skin.


  • Product Type-Pearlized Handwash
  • Product Form – Viscous Liquid
  • Colour – Orange
  • Suitable For – Both Man Woman
  • Skin Type – All Types Of Skin
  • Age Group – All
  • Packaging Sizes – 4 Litre

Making A Mild Moisturizing Fruit Handwash For All Types Of Hand Skin In Daily Use.