DENAJEE Aloe Protein Shampoo

A Great Shampoo Which Provides Strength & Moisturization Both Effectively. It Contains Natural Pure Aloevera,Vitamin E, Soya Protein Extracts, Olive Oil, Glycerin Etc Which Makes The Shampoo Useful For All Hair Types. It Is Made To Fulfill The Deficiency Of Proteins In Hair, Helps Hair To Improve In Texture, Grow Faster With Healthy Scalp. Contains …

Packaging Sizes : 200 ml & 400 ml



  • Great Shampoo Which Provides Strength & Moisturization Both Effectively.
  • It Contains Natural Pure Aloevera,Vitamin E, Soya Protein Extracts, Olive Oil, Glycerin Etc Which Makes The Shampoo Useful For All Hair Types.
  • It Is Made To Fulfill The Deficiency Of Proteins In Hair, Helps Hair To Improve In Texture, Grow Faster With Healthy Scalp.
  • Contains Pure Aloevera, Olive Oil Which Provides Softness Moisturizes The Scalp Skin To Reduce Dandruff And Provide Soft, Smooth & Shiny Hair.
  • Soya Protein Extracts Helps Hair Texture, Strengthen Hair Roots To Improve The Damaged Hair Early.
  • It Contains Special Anti Breakage Active Which Works Directly On Hair Roots To Resist Combing Damage & Protect From Hairfall.
  • Neem Extracts Provide Antibacterial Affect, Remove Inflammation Thus Provides Healthy & Smooth Scalp.


  • Product  Type-  Hair Shampoo
  • Product Form-  Viscous Liquid
  • Colour- Natural Translucent
  • Suitable For-  All Men & Women
  • Hair Type-  All Types Of Hair
  • Age Group- All
  • Packaging Sizes- 200 ml, 400 ml

Making A Great Strengthening, Moisturizing Protein Hair Shampoo For Daily Use